Discover place for vacation in Ukraine - Taor Karpaty

When it comes to traveling there are so many places to visit, cultures to experience, cuisine to try that it can be quite hard to make up your mind. Let’s take a little journey over Ukrainian resorts and explore some magical places.

If you are searching for memorable experience, comfortable rooms, amazing views, nice service, you might consider resorts in Carpathian Mountains.  Ukrainian Carpathians offer breathtaking views, cabins from wood that are scattered over the hills, clean, fresh air, mineral water springs.

One of the best Ukraine resorts - Truskavets

At the same talking, there is one special place, worth to visit during vacation in Ukraine, called Truskavets. It is small indeed, but amazingly beautiful green city, very popular among travelers. The one can come here for and stay during several weeks or pay only one weekend stay but leave with the desire to come back again and again. It is famous for healing springs and modern rehabilitation centers. This resort town has a lot to offer. It is popular not only in summer but also in winter time. Yet people from all over the world come to enjoy modern spa centers, miracle water, unique nature, views and city attractions.

There are dozens hotels in Truskavets to experience. Moreover, sanatorium in Truskavets are very popular. Among such resorts in Truskavets is Taor, famous for surprisingly simple things like hospitality, peacefulness and calmness. Time passes by slowly here, you are the one who can set a rhythm, flow in a harmony with nature and yourself.

Taor Karpaty - sanatorium, hotel in Truskavets, Ukraine

Taor surrounded by green forest, mountains and river, which means breathtaking views everywhere. The place but itself is very inspiring and quiet. Besides beautiful nature, Taor also means exceptional spa center, with lots of different services to offer such as natural facials, relaxing professional massage, medical spa. Worth to mention cool aqua zone and popular Banya or Russian bath. There is also such cool thing as children spa menu, which is quite great for those, who prefers to take their kinds. The purpose of children spa is to teach children from the very early age to take care of your health, which is very important. Also there are few activities for those who can get bored fast, for example ATVRide, tree climbing/Rope Park, karaoke, paintball, bicycle hire, Horse carriage ride and many others!

Among the other interesting offers, Taor also famous for its event services. Among them is wedding ceremony, one of the most important days. Other services include some conference events, organization of interesting team buildings.

In other words, Truskavets has turned into one of the greatest health resorts in Europe. Whenever you are wondering what place to stay at during your vacation in Ukraine, Taor Karpaty is definitely in win. This beautiful resort will not only improve your health condition by offering multiple treatments, but at the same time will make your stay memorable, becoming an ideal place for future stay.